Dry-Aged Beef Burgers

All burgers are made with our signature milk bun, smoked with hickory, and served in a glass dome to your table for the ultimate burger experience; comes with a complimentary side of steakhouse chips. our burger patties are made with the finest quality homemade ground beef. it is a delicate mixture of wagyu beef and lamb meat along with some black angus beef and dry aged off cuts. the result is a massive thick patty seasoned lightly and cooked to perfection for the juiciest burger

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Dine on the sublime setting of the Pyrmont foreshore, overlooking the serine scenes of Pyrmont/Johnstons bay. Our carefully crafted medley of flavours paired with unmatched attention to friendly service and splendorous ambience, forge the spectacle of our Elements Bar and Grill Pyrmont restaurant.

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